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Since TPiCS is a full package,:
it requires no customization;
it is inexpensive;
it takes no time to become operational;
it is reliable;

Aggressive Production Control System

Here is an introduction to TPiCS-X that wraps up its applicable types of businesses, characteristics, and functions.

In addition, visit the other introductory TPiCS-X site.

We are proud to announce the total number of shipments is 13825 copies for 1925 companies as of 19/04/25, excluding OEM shipments and minor options.

TPiCS is packaged software running on Windows for personal computers, and is compliant with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and PostgreSQL for Linux and Windows sever.

Inexpensiveness is not the only recommendation for TPiCS.

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1. It is prompt, inexpensive, and responsive to demand fluctuation.
   2. But it allows for stable production.                                             

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Those are also what TPiCS offers.

When it comes to the job of production control, it has been regarded as a "defensive job" until now. It was a victim mindset that we saw in it.

Some would say, "We are in trouble because forecast by our sales department seldom hits the mark."
Some would say, "Our customers always make an unreasonable demand."
Some would say, "Our engineers take forever to submit their drawings. Whenever arrangements get too late because of that, we will be the one who gets yelled at after all."
Some would say, "Our suppliers never make their deliveries of parts as requested."

And you think that it is your job to manage to produce in such mixter-maxter states, don't you?

But think about the following:

Do you think the time will come when forecast by your sales department hits the mark 100 percent?
Do you think your customers will place an order to meet your convenience?

If you change your point of view, the fact that those things are not happening now or will not happen in the future is a "matter of course."

As long as you, those on the side of making things, accept them as a "matter of course," you should be thinking about a "mechanism of making things" based on it, shouldn't you?

To "keep a lid on cost as low as possible" is very important in making things.

"To make it happen, we should start with understanding how much it costs to make things…"
"Site remediation and to improve the flow of process…"

But to what extent can you lower costs by making those efforts?

Can you be competitive to the countries such as Southeast Asia and China by cost reduction of 3 or 5 percent?

Can you survive dramatic changes in industrial structures with traditional and conventional way of thinking?



The Aggressive Production Control frees you from the traditional approach and way of thinking, and lets you make a fundamental review of making things. It is a way to make things:


 On the basis of proactive thinking,


 To think of a solution instead of some reasons for being unable to,


 In a customer-oriented fashion, and


 To survive as the manufacturing business.

We developed TPiCS, wishing that it would become a powerful weapon for those who were performing this Aggressive Production Control.


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